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You are not alone with a problem. So about a few months ago, we were going through some testing of TsiLang Components Suite with some complete beginners when it comes to working with TsiLang. Something stood out to us. It seems that people tend to underrate software products, simply because they do not intuitively understand […]

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Desktop First UX Summit 2021

This year the summit will be held from August 30 till September 3. Be sure to reserve your FREE ticket now at: https://summit.desktopfirst.com/

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Update for Resource Builder

Resource Builder version just published on our web site. The updated version contains improvements on editing RC files that include resources referenced as external files with relative path. You can download the latest version from our download page: https://www.sicomponents.com/download To read more about Resource Builder please visit Resource Builder’s web page.

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DelphiCon 2020 – participate and get prizes from us!

We’re glad to offer special giveaways and discounts for #DelphiCon 2020 attendees. Register now at: https://delphicon.embarcadero.com/checkout/select-tickets/ Lucky winners will receive free licenses for TsiLang Components Suite and Resource Builder. All attendees will receive 20% discount for all our products.

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