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We have exciting news for you!

You are not alone with a problem.

So about a few months ago, we were going through some testing of TsiLang Components Suite with some complete beginners when it comes to working with TsiLang. Something stood out to us. It seems that people tend to underrate software products, simply because they do not intuitively understand how to use them. 

It is nobody’s fault. When it comes to such products, it is hard to combine high quality functionality with an extremely open and user friendly interface. There will ultimately be a need for the user to invest their own time going through help, blog posts or other support content provided by the original vendor. 

But let’s face it. With how saturated the market is right now, very little proportion of users will go through this hussle. Instead, they will simply opt out for a more understandable alternative. In other words, you have built a great product with top notch features, but you struggle to attract and retain users simply because they do not understand the full ability of your offering. 

Of course, you can invest time into Help Manual, weekly newsletters, or video content. While that will most probably give a positive improvement, the ROI on the resources will be minimal.

What to do about it?

Now, what if there was a way to guide the users through the application, without having them go out of the environment/platform? Would it be great to have such a direct educational touch to UX?  

There are a particular range of solutions on the market, called tutorial flow builders. However, they all seem to target web apps, neglecting native applications. Instead of wasting our time further, trying to find such a solution to implement into our existing products, we decided: “Hey! Why not make something like that ourselves?” This is where we are proud to introduce you to our new product: HelloApp Studio.

HelloApp Studio…

What is HelloApp Studio? It is a simple to use creative design environment, with which you are able to create an in-app tutorial for your product within minutes or even seconds! You can customize tool-tips with whatever content or style you want, and make them point to anywhere on the screen, as well as add animations to them to make it more dynamic and engaging! 

We really aimed to remove all limits on what and how far you can customize everything. Go crazy with it! 

To integrate the finished project into your own product, you will simply have to pass in a single terminal command. Do not worry, we repeat and explain it further with our additional support content. 

You might have already witnessed an example of the finished project, in our new TsiLang update. Head over to helloappstudio.com to learn more about it, and jump straight to increasing your retention and conversion rates today!

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