Trial and shareware versions

You can download free and evaluation versions of our products from the table below. Registered users can download registered versions at the bottom of this page.

ProductVersionUpdatedFile Size
TsiLang Components Suite7.9.0.016 Sep 202181,418 K
TsiLang Components Suite User’s Guide7.8.526 Jan 20212,730 K
TsiLang Files Editor (SIL Editor) Sep 20218,200 K
TsiLang Dictionary Manager4.5.20.14016 Sep 20217,440 K
Resource Builder (installation ZIP) Jul 202135,326 K
Resource Builder (installation EXE) Jul 202135,878 K
VCL Scheduling Agent2.0.22.017 Sep 20213,493 K

Registered versions (for registered users only!)


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