Version 7.9.2 of TsiLang Components Suite implements support for so called “nested” components. And it is possible now to translate components that are embedded into other components. One of the clearest examples of this is Fast Report. To translate such components just use Extended Translations.

Fast Report translated by TsiLang with Extended Translations
Fast Report translated with Extended Translations

We would like to thank our users for their contribution!

  • TFR – updated Italian translations for the SIL Editor.
  • Dionisis Divaris – updated and completed Greek translations for the default dictionary shipped with the Dictionary Manager.
  • Stanley Kid – implemented Ukrainian translations for the SIL Editor.
  • Claudio – implemented Portuguese (Brazilian) translations for the SIL Editor.

On top of fixes of some of the issues, we have also made some improvements to the already existing functionalities, find an overview below:

  • Improved support for FMX projects for TsiLang Expert.
  • Improved import for CSV, XML and Excel files for Dictionary Manager.
  • Improved Internet Translate feature.

Detailed TsiLang Components Suite description is available at TsiLang Components Suite home page .

To download the latest version just navigate to our download page.

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