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VCL Scheduling Agent Version 2.1.25 with RAD Studio 12 support and Enhanced Features

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, staying ahead of the curve is essential. SiComponents has just unveiled the latest version of its VCL Scheduling Agent, bringing a host of enhancements and compatibility features to empower developers. Let’s dive into the exciting updates that make this release a game-changer.

Embracing Innovation with RAD Studio 12 Athens Support

SiComponents continues its commitment to providing cutting-edge tools by ensuring compatibility with Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Athens. This ensures that developers can leverage the latest features and improvements introduced in RAD Studio 12 Athens seamlessly.

Fine-Tuning Task Triggers with TriggerDelayMinutes

The introduction of the TriggerDelayMinutes property for the TTaskTrigger opens up new possibilities for developers. This property, applicable to Start-up, Logon, and Session trigger types, allows for precise control over when these tasks are initiated, enhancing the overall scheduling flexibility.

Configurable Logon Types with TaskLogonType

Developers now have more control over the logon type settings of task items with the TaskLogonType property for the TTaskItem. This addition enhances the customization options available, catering to diverse application requirements.

Expanded Security Settings with SetAccountInformation()

The SetAccountInformation() method now supports Group security settings, providing developers with enhanced security configurations for task items. This feature ensures that tasks are executed with the desired level of security, aligning with industry best practices.

Intuitive Task Location Display

The new TaskLocation read-only property for the TTaskItem offers developers a quick and easy way to access the location path of a task in the Task Scheduler folders structure. This simplifies navigation within the Task Scheduler, streamlining the development and debugging process.

Improved TaskItem AccountName Property

The AccountName property of the TTaskItem now returns the Group name if the task logon type is Group, ensuring clarity and consistency in the retrieval of account information.

Immediate Gratification with Minutes2VistaPattern

The update introduces support for the “Immediate” value in the Minutes2VistaPattern utility function, providing developers with a convenient way to schedule tasks for immediate execution, meeting real-time application demands.

Enhanced Action Insertion with InsertAction Method

The InsertAction method has been revamped to now return the newly inserted action object. This improvement facilitates a more seamless development process, allowing developers to work with the inserted action immediately.

Demo Project Evolution

The demo project has been upgraded to include a task properties dialog resembling the operating system’s interface. This addition serves as a comprehensive showcase, demonstrating access to all elements of task items and aiding developers in quickly grasping the capabilities of the VCL Scheduling Agent.

VCL Scheduling Agent 2.1.25
VCL Scheduling Agent 2.1.25

SiComponents’ latest release of the VCL Scheduling Agent reinforces its commitment to providing developers with powerful and flexible tools. With features catering to the latest development environments, enhanced customization options, and improved usability, this update opens up new avenues for creating robust and efficient scheduling solutions. Stay ahead of the curve with SiComponents and embrace the future of software development.

Read detailed VCL Scheduling Agent description from the product’s page, or download the new version from our download page.

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