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VCL Scheduling Agent

SiComponents Scheduling Agent is a VCL wrapper that utilizes the powerful Microsoft Task Scheduler API. With its core component, TTaskScheduler, and accompanying classes, this solution seamlessly integrates with RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder applications, enabling you to accomplish the following:

With full support for Task Scheduler 2, our solution ensures seamless compatibility without the need to modify your code for new interfaces. When your applications run on Windows Vista or later versions, the Scheduling Agent automatically integrates with the Vista Task Scheduler, freeing you from the burden of porting your code.

Advantages of using our Task Scheduler API integration

One of the primary advantages of utilizing SiComponents Scheduling Agent is its ability to leverage the operating system’s capabilities for task maintenance and launching. This means that you can eliminate the need to implement a timer within your application and keep it resident in order to ensure it runs at scheduled times. By incorporating the Scheduling Agent into your project, you can rely on Windows to launch your program just-in-time, precisely as scheduled, and with the parameters and custom data you have specified.

This streamlined approach simplifies the development process and improves efficiency by offloading task management responsibilities to the operating system. With SiComponents Scheduling Agent, you can focus on your core application logic while taking full advantage of the built-in scheduling capabilities provided by the Windows Task Scheduler API.

To assist you in getting started and fully utilizing the features of the Scheduling Agent, we provide a comprehensive demo project. This detailed resource will guide you through all the essential functionality and demonstrate how to perform commonly used actions. Whether you’re creating new tasks, modifying existing ones, or customizing various aspects of task scheduling, the demo project will serve as a valuable reference to help you harness the power of the Scheduling Agent seamlessly.

By incorporating SiComponents Scheduling Agent into your project, you can optimize task management, enhance precision, and leverage the native capabilities of the operating system. Experience the convenience and efficiency of integrating task scheduling into your application with ease.

Supported IDEs:

Version History

To explore the latest features and delve into the comprehensive version history, we invite you to visit the dedicated page where you can access detailed information about the current version and all previous updates. Stay informed about the exciting enhancements and advancements by browsing through the “What’s New” section and exploring the complete version history available at this page.

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