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TsiLang, what is it?

Vast majority of developers, using RAD Studio as their IDE, rely on additional components to bring their applications and software to the next level. Components act as plug-ins to the IDE, equipping the developers with additional and powerful development tools and methods. One example of a component is TsiLang. It has been around for a while. However, it still remains one of the most crucial and powerful components out there. Chances are, it is also an essential need for your business/project. 

Let’s dive in a little bit deeper into what exactly it is. Today we will evaluate further why you should consider adding it to your arsenal of development.  


As mentioned above, TsiLang is a component for RAD Studio. We see it as the ultimate localisation tool. Why? With TsiLang Components Suite, you are able to add multilingual localisation to your applications and to support as many languages as you wish, while bringing the UX to the next level. It provides you with full flexibility to set it up the way you want.

For example, you can either manage language switch and translations manually at your end, have it execute on run time, or even open the opportunity to switch the UI’s language up to your end user. 

Moreover, TsiLang provides full support of FireMonkey and FireUI. It means you can set up your localisation on all of your target platforms with just a single code-base. There will not be any differences or drop in speed between mobile platforms or any of the OS. 

Why should you consider using it?

Keeping in mind the above description of what TsiLang is and just how powerful it is, let’s break down why it is something worth considering to use. 

The way the current landscape of most business industries is right now is straightforward – Internet medium is the place to operate in. That statement is pretty obvious and self-explanatory. A perfect example of it is you reading this blog via having access to the Internet and being able to browse it freely. However, the key point here is that via operating on the Internet, businesses get access to customer groups from different countries around the world, each with their own native language.

Due to this, the problem of localisation arises. Right now the standards are, if your application/product is not available in at least more than one language, it can seem inferior and limit your potential market share. 

Was this problem apparent and of focus for you before? Then you are among the future-oriented and market trend-aware businesses/developers. Chances are, you have been already tasked with or are in the process of resolving this challenge. Therefore, if your application is developed with RAD Studio, TsiLang is the ultimate tool you were looking for. 

Surely, you could choose the path of solving this issue in-house and on your own. However, that would lead to a sufficient resource and time consumption. On top of that, the end solution might still not be up to the standards needed. 

TsiLang has been on the market for a while. During the entire time, SiComponents developers have been improving, modifying and updating it. 

That is why you have the option to rely on the tools and methods of TsiLang. Just like plenty of businesses and developers before, discover TsiLang as the best solution to the localisation needs.

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