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TsiLang Components Suite Version – Enhanced Wizards, Fixes, and Improvements

We are pleased to announce the latest maintenance release for the TsiLang Components Suite, Version This release includes various fixes and functional improvements, along with updates to the SI2DFM and DFM2SI Wizards.

Extended Wizards

SI2DFM Wizard

SI2DFM Wizard

The updated SI2DFM Wizard now introduces a TEXT version. This variant of the Wizard saves TranslationData as text in the DFM. This can be valuable if you intend to convert your DFMs to utilize translations in a plain text format outside the IDE.

DFM2SI Wizard

The new version of the DFM2SI Wizard offers enhanced handling for inherited TsiLang components. So now you can configure the language settings for these components to obtain the correct SIL file. As you may be aware, the DFM with an inherited TsiLang component lacks information about language settings from the base component. Consequently, the generated SIL file may contain incorrect details for this form. The new settings will help you prevent such issues.

Fixes and Improvements

TsiLang Expert

The TsiLang Expert functionality, which saves source file translations to an external file without using the IDE, has been updated for better handling of inherited TsiLang components. If inheritance is detected, the Expert will utilize the IDE to save the file, ensuring the correct resulting file.

Additionally, an improvement has been introduced to prevent AV error upon exiting the IDE when EurekaLog 12.x is installed into the IDE.

Core Components

In the core components, a minor improvement in DFM streaming has been made for the GlobalExclusionList property.

To take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes, we encourage all users of TsiLang Components Suite to update to version For more information and to download the latest version, please visit TsiLang Components Suite website: https://www.tsilang.com

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