November 14, 2008 for Immediate Release

Resource Builder® v. 3.0 – The best Solution For Resource Editing

Nowadays, resource files are used for development of almost all applications, but resource editing has always been a difficult and non-trivial task. Relax, from now on there is no more reason to worry.

November 14, 2008, Moscow, Russia – SiComponents is ready to announce the release of Resource Builder® v. 3.0 – a new version of a full-featured visual resource editor allowing to create, edit and compile resource files as well as edit resources in compiled executables. With this program it is now possible to produce software as quick as never before.

“Resource Builder is one of the best programs in its class, a powerful solution for all resource-related tasks you need for the effective work”, Editorial Review.

Resource Builder v. 3.0 works with RC scripts and RES files with complete support of Unicode RC files and Unicode resource data. The program’s easy-to-use visual editors allow creating, editing and saving of any resources to RC or REC files. Besides, the user can select and load the resources and create new combinations. Separate resources can be as well saved to a file.

Resource Builder can import resources of files from various formats. With the help of the unique feature the program can import and explore resources form Win32 executables (EXE, DLL etc.) and also from 32-bit and 16-bit binary resources files (RES, DCR). The program makes it possible to patch and update resources directly in executables, such as applications and dynamic-link libraries.

The software also provides advanced features in working with graphic resources. Now the user can work with JPEG images as easily as with standard BMP images, all the more so, because the program’s graphic editor allows to process images with the help of various filters. Besides, Resource Builder supports all ICON (including Vista PNG icons), CURSOR, BITMAP, JPEG and PNG graphic formats.

Resource Builder also supports the popular HTML and XML formats. Moreover, all the registered users will have at their disposal easy-to-use tools for editing resources in these formats. Support for DFM format (forms in Delphi and C++ Builder) is also included into Resource Builder. The program can view and edit forms stored in applications and packages resources created with Borland Delphi and C++ Builder.

Other features of Resource Builder include:

  • The ability to create DLLs containing only resources (used for software localization);
  • Three different modes of update operation: complete replacement, addition and smart addition;
  • New powerful Image Editor: no more limitations in working with color, sizes and built-in effects;
  • New Icons and Cursors Editor, providing the ability to work with the information about transparency of separate areas;
  • Powerful String Editor, which ensures simple adding, editing and removing strings as well as managing unique identifiers and values.

Finally, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Dialog Editor, the built-in compiler and command line interface display all the necessary information in the most simple and consistent way and take Resource Builder to the level of professional development tool. The program has received numerous awards from software sites, and still remains one of the best resource editing solutions.

Pricing and Availability

Resource Builder v. 3.0 is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista and is available at 59 USD for Single User License and at 1499 USD for Site License. Volume discounts are offered when 4+ licenses are ordered.

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