December, 2005 for Immediate Release

Resource Builder 2.4: A Fresh Look onto Creating and Editing Resources

The new version of the editor provides a brand-new insight into handling resource description files. You are sure to like Unicode Resource Scripts and Custom Controls Libraries support!

SiComponents™ today announces the unveiling of Resource Builder 2.4. Designed for the Windows platforms, this application simplifies work of a professional software developer in creating and editing resourses. This new version, similar to all previous releases, provides for a set of specialized editors to process your applications’ scripts and work with their items, like icons, images, and labels so that they can be saved to RC or RES files, which in their turn can be used in third-party applications. Aside from these basic functions, this power-packed editor gives you vast opportunities in importing resources from files of various formats, graphic resources advanced managing, patching and updating resources in executable files and the like.

The novelty in the program is Unicode Resource Scripts Support, which allows a professional software developer to edit, view and manage resources in any language, regardless of the OS default language. The new version supports Custom Controls Libraries, which truly opens new horizons in editing your dialogs as it helps you to create any custom controls you need. Another piece of good news: Have you got a need for using extended menu resources in RC scripts? Again Resource Builder 2.4 with its MENUEX support knows how to arrange this. What’s more, this fresh version’s user interface is multilingual. And even more, the user can add support for any language on his own.

Resource Builder is at the forefront of graphic resources managing: this software tool allows you to work with images in the JPEG format as easily as with standard BMP images. Moreover, the graphic editor of the program allows you to process images with the help of various filters making it no worse than serious graphic packages. One more point to mention is the DFM support. In other words in this resources editor you can view and edit forms created with Borland Delphi and C++ Builder in the text form. Here you can even work with resources stored in Delphi packages. So, working with resources has become easier than ever!

October 2005 – Resource Builder is featured in MSDN Magazine’s New Stuff: “If you have to build resource files, Resource Builder is quite the workhorse”.

Resource Builder Main Benefits at a Glance:

  • Working with RC and RES resource files and full Unicode support;
  • Importing resources from files of various formats;
  • Patching and updating resources in executable files;
  • Advanced features in working with graphic resources;
  • WYSWIG Visual dialog editor;
  • Support the DFM format (forms in Delphi and C++ Builder);
  • Support HTML, XML and ANI resources;
  • Support for command-line interface.

Pricing and Availability

Resource Builder 2.4 runs under Windows 95 and higher. The program costs $99 (USD) for a single-user license. On our website you can send us a request and we will update your 1.x version for $39 only. An unregistered 30-day trial version of Resource Builder 2.4 is available as a free download at

Resource Builder is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

Payments and licensing details for Resource Builder are available at