June, 2005 for Immediate Release

SiComponents Releases Resource Builder 2.3.3

New developer tool creates, edits, imports and compiles resource files in seconds.

Resource Builder is a toolset that creates, edits, and compiles RC scripts to build resource files (.res). The software comes with an ultra fast embedded compiler that supports all RC format files and is very stable and reliable.

The core of Resource Builder consists of multiple resource editors that are used to process bitmap images, icons, cursors, menus, string tables, text, dialogs and a variety of file formats such as ANI, XML, HTML and others.

The program is capable of extracting resource files from libraries (DLLs), executables (.exe) and other types of PE files. In addition to importing files, the program is used for merging RC scripts, updating resources stored in executable modules, altering program version information, creating resource DLLs and converting graphics from one format to another.

Resource Builder is very simple and straightforward. It comes with both command line and console compilers, fully supports JPEG images and is capable of editing Delphi’s and C++Builder’s forms in a simple text format. Naturally, the program allows files to be dragged from Windows Explorer, as well as supports coping and pasting to/from clipboard. It can even add XP Manifest to projects or executables with two mouse-clicks.

Resource Builder is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at https://www.resource-builder.com for evaluation. The cost of purchasing the program is 99 US Dollars per copy.

Payments and licensing details for Resource Builder are available at https://www.resource-builder.com/order.html