June, 2005 for Immediate Release

SiComponents Releases Multi Screen Emulator for Windows (MSEW) 1.4

Simple technology that creates multiple desktops is capable of solving complex problems.

Multi Screen Emulator for Windows (MSEW) 1.4 is a very simple, inexpensive and extremely valuable program that has PC users around the globe asking the question, “Why doesn’t my Windows OS come with this option pre-installed?”

MSEW, as the name suggests, creates virtual desktops that users can switch between, when necessary. This means that a person can launch program installation on one virtual desktop, rip DVD on another virtual desktop and keep working with documents, spreadsheets and files on the third desktop. The only thing that limits users of the program is their own multitasking skills level.

While MSEW was originally developed as an in-house tool that helped software developers run multiple programs at the same time and perform multitasking miracles that deserve to be listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records, this reincarnation of the program is very newbie-friendly. In fact, any person can install the program and start using it right away, without reading any documentation or going through tutorials.

MSEW can create up to 8 virtual desktops. The program will display a small panel with 8 buttons (1 through 8). All it takes to switch to another virtual desktop is a mouse click. If necessary, the panel can be hidden or made transparent. There is also a keyboard shortcut that allows users to switch between desktops without using a mouse.

Another very important advantage of the program is an option that allows people to display specified application from one virtual desktop on all others. The program is also requires very little resources and is very robust even with older PCs that have only 32 MB of RAM.

MSEW 1.4 is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at https://www.sicomponents.com/msew.html for evaluation. The cost of purchasing the program is 14.99 US Dollars per copy.

Payments and licensing details for Multi Screen Emulator for Windows are available at https://www.sicomponents.com/order.html