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How powerful is TsiLang Components Suite?

The Permanent Problem

There is one key distinguishing factor when it comes to the TsiLang Components Suite. It addresses the problem that simply will not go away any time soon. That is, of course, unless the entire world starts to speak only a single language. Developers across the globe work hard to make their applications and programs easily accessible to as many consumers as possible. That brings us to the core issue, that can make or break the UI experience – localisation support of an application. 

It is reasonable to assume that to offer your program in only English is sufficient enough. However, you will quickly be surprised by how much extra reach the multilingual support will give you. Moreover, being able to add as many locales to your application as you wish, opens up your business opportunities. With multilingual support, you can enter any market you wish, as you can easily appeal to the local users. 

Why TsiLang Components Suite?

Of course, you can resort to creating the localisation solution by yourself. It is feasible, but will most certainly delay your production timeline, bump up your costs. Worst of all, will not be ideal on the first go. Therefore, opting out to use a solution, that has been on the market for more than two decades, can be a better alternative. After all, gaining competitive advantage is essentially optimising the trade-offs between the opportunity costs. Throughout the two decades, SiComponents constantly improved, modified and updated the TsiLang Components Suite. In the end, we molded it into the one-stop solution for developers to address the localisation needs of their applications. 

What do you get with the TsiLang Components Suite?

There is already plenty of information available at: https://www.tsilang.com/, addressing this question. In this blog post, let’s take a look at the newest addition to TsiLang Components Suite. Hopefully, you can get a quick grasp of how simple and straightforward, yet powerful, it is. We will briefly cover the siInternetTranslator. 

The main goal of using siInternetTranslator is simultaneous automation and optimisation. It increases the automation of your application, while decreasing the amount of data needed for it to work. The siInternetTranslator accomplishes it by using any of the most popular online translation services: DeepL, Google Translate, BING and MSTerminology, to make the translations of the required elements at run-time on-the-fly. 

You have full control over setting up which service to use, and to modify the respective settings for that translator. Moreover, you can play around with the performance of your application, by changing between either translating by language name or language extension (as the online translators use extensions to translate). All of it can be set up within a few seconds within the Object Inspector (after dropping the siInternetTranslator component onto your form). 

To summarise, with TsiLang Components Suite you get a simple solution. Additionally, it has pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to localising your software. With the example of siInternetTranslator, you can see that everything is transparent and clear. Therefore, you have full control and understanding over how TsiLang can localise your application. 

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