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About Us

SiComponents, specializing in software development tools and components, has been serving the industry since 1998.

Our flagship product, the TsiLang Components Suite, is designed to seamlessly implement multilanguage support into RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder applications. As an Embarcadero Technology Partner, we provide full support for the latest versions of Embarcadero’s RAD tools.

Our widely acclaimed Resource Builder is a powerful visual resource editor for Windows. It greatly assists software developers in managing resource files used in their projects, significantly enhancing the speed of development.

Our groundbreaking HelloApp Studio application, developed in 2022. It empowers desktop developers by providing them with a powerful solution to seamlessly integrate captivating in-app guides into their software. These guides serve to describe, highlight essential components, and educate end users, resulting in a remarkable enhancement of the onboarding experience.

To explore these and other products, please visit our products page.


Technical and General Support: support@sicomponents.com

Sales Support: sales@sicomponents.com

Phone: +971-55-7030965


Igor Siticov, SiComponents,

1918, Park Ridge Tower C, Dubai Hills Estate.

Dubai, UAE

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