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Auto-hide form

MSEW allows hiding it automatically when mouse goes from its panel, the same behavior as auto-hide behavior of Windows task-bar.

Always on top

MSEW allows keeping its panel always above all running applications.

Number of desktops

MSEW allows you to configure the number of virtual desktops from 1 up to 10.

Desktop's preview

MSEW allows you to see the whole desktop appearance and applications running on it without switching to this desktop.

Multi Screen Emulator for Windows: Preview desktop


Keyboard shortcuts

You can switch the desktop using your keyboard. Press Ctrl+Alt+<X> (default settings), where X is the number of the desktop you want to activate. There is possible to configure which keyboard shortcut to use for switching virtual desktops.

Multi Screen Emulator for Windows: Configure shortcut

Configure shortcut

Persistent desktops

You can make the applications from one virtual desktop stay visible on all desktops.

Move windows across desktops

You can move a window from another virtual desktop to the active desktop without leaving it.


You can move configure MSEW to be transparenced in order to a little hide it from your eyes.

Full customization for each virtual desktop

You can have absolutely customizable virtual desktops with own wallpaper, screen resolution, screen saver and icons.

User-defined shortcuts to move applications between virtual desktops

You can move applications to another virtual desktop using mouse or keyboard shortcut MSEW. Keyboard shortcut can be configured the same way as shortcut for switching desktops.

Switch to List

MSEW allows you to quickly see the list of running applications on virtual desktop and easily switch to any of them.

Band on Task Bar

MSEW can be displayed as a panel on Windows Task Bar.

Customizable Desktop Names

You can define custom names such as Games, Documents and so on, for each virtual desktop and it will be displayed on respective button.

Multilanguage User Interface

English, German and Russian languages available. You can add your own language easy and fast.

Update Manager

Built-in Update Manager allows to check and install available updates automatically.

System requirements


Intel or AMD processor (CPU); 32 MB of RAM; 5 MB free disk space

Operating system:

Windows 9x/ME/NT4/200/XP/2003/Vista



What's New?

MSEW's Features

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  OS: Windows 98 and later
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Trial Period: 30 days
Version: 2.0.2 (Apr 09, 2008)
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