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And it keep on scanning for ever and ever...

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Joined: 07 Jul 2005
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Location: Argentina

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 9:42 pm    Post subject: And it keep on scanning for ever and ever... Reply with quote

Hy. I've been using TsiLang for a while now and ever time and it seams the component gets confused when the source to be translated has no code. For example:

unit PrintPatient;


Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
MyDialogs, PrintGeneral, QRCtrls, jpeg, QuickRpt, ExtCtrls, DBModule,

TQRPrintPat = class(TQRPrintGeneral)
QRShape1: TQRShape;
QRIAudio: TQRImage;
QRLBretreuerInfo: TQRLabel;
QRLGeneralInfo: TQRLabel;
QRLAge: TQRLabel;
QRLTestPatientTitle: TQRLabel;
QRLTestPatient: TQRLabel;
QRMemo1: TQRMemo;
QRLabel4: TQRLabel;
QRShape3: TQRShape;
CBSimulation: TQRChildBand;
QRLSimulation: TQRLabel;
QRLBasicReac: TQRLabel;
QRDBTBasicReac: TQRDBText;
QRLabel7: TQRLabel;
QRLAlarmPMin: TQRLabel;
QRLToneDecayTitle: TQRLabel;
QRLCentralMaskTitle: TQRLabel;
QRLWeberTitle: TQRLabel;
QRLToneDecay: TQRLabel;
QRLCentralMask: TQRLabel;
QRLWeber: TQRLabel;
QRShape8: TQRShape;
QRIFoto: TQRImage;
QRShape2: TQRShape;
QRShape4: TQRShape;
QRShape5: TQRShape;
QRShape10: TQRShape;
QRShape11: TQRShape;
QRShape12: TQRShape;
QRShape13: TQRShape;
QRShape14: TQRShape;
QRLHoerstoerung: TQRLabel;
QRDBTHoerstoerung: TQRDBText;
QRLHistory: TQRLabel;
QRDBTHistory: TQRDBText;
QRDBTOtoskopie: TQRDBText;
QRLOtoskopie: TQRLabel;
QRLabel2: TQRLabel;
QRShape6: TQRShape;
QRShape9: TQRShape;
QRShape15: TQRShape;
QRLabel5: TQRLabel;
QRShape19: TQRShape;
siLang1: TsiLang;
{ Private declarations }
{ Public declarations }

QRPrintPat: TQRPrintPat;


{$R *.dfm}


If I try to translate this code with the TsiLang Expert (with File->Source->with form since this is a QReport) I first get the following error:

"Access violation at address 04C9A9C0 in module 'TsiLang_D7.bpl'. Read of address 8671AAEE."

and the after I close this window, the other little window, the one that says "Scanning...", remains open, the cursor is in HourGlass mode, and allthough everithing seams to continue working normaly, I don't feel very conftable with the window "scanning" and the cursor in HourGlass mode. So I have to close Delphi every time I accidentaly try to translate a source that has no source.

NOTE: May be it has something to do with the declaration of the form, since I make it descend from an other QRepport Form, buy I don't think this is the problem, since I have no problems with translating other QRepport Forms that allso descend from this same QRepport Form.[/img]
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Joined: 21 Nov 2002
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2005 5:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for report. We're trying to reproduce and fix this now...
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