Ann: TsiLang Components Suite version 7.9.3!

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Ann: TsiLang Components Suite version 7.9.3!

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TsiLang Components Suite Version 7.9.3 is out!

With this release, the main focus is on optimizing the workflow, making the whole process more efficient and convenient.

Main updates:
  1. New property GlobalExclusionList for TsiLangDispatcher. Configures the whole project's exclusions from the translations.
  2. "Find in selected cells only" option in the Translations Editor. The search and replace for text can operate on selected cells only.
  3. Notification upon changes in the base language of already translated items. You will get notified when you open the Translations Editor and there were changes in the base language made directly in the Object Inspector. This will help to ensure your translations are up-to-date with recent changes of the base language.
The list of new features and improvements is available at:

A detailed description of TsiLang Components Suite is available at

You can download the fully functional and no time-limit version from ... nts-suite/

Registered users with an active account for free updates can download the latest registered version from TsiLang download page.
Best regards,
Igor Siticov.
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