Using Components Suite with SDL Passolo tool

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Using Components Suite with SDL Passolo tool

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We use the SDL Passolo tool for managing our translation needs for a .NET C# application. I also use the TsiLang Components Suite for a separate Delphi application. We use the Passolo tool to manage the back and forth of files between us and the translation company we use for the various languages we support.

Does anyone have any experience using these two tools together?

It would be nice to be able to take the SIL file from the Components Suite and then somehow import it into the Passolo tool. We can then use the Passolo tool as we do now with the translation company to have everything translated, and then somehow export a new SIL file out of the Passolo tool for use in our Delphi app.

I'm sure we could build our own little tool to convert the SIL file to something the Passolo tool could read (ie: RESX), but I'm wondering if anyone else has tackled this problem before and would have some advice.

Thank you for your time.
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