reload of 32bit bitmap failed

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reload of 32bit bitmap failed

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I'm currently testing Resouce Builder. Nice tool!

I have one remark and one bug.

The remark is that I cannot organize the (bitmap) resources, like sort them alphabetically or insert a new resource in the list.

The bug is that I load from file a 32bit bitmap (with alpha channel). This works well. Later I want to update the resouce by loading a newer bitmap from file (Bitmap|Load from File...) to replace the old bitmap resource. This goes wrong because the alpha channel is lost. I have to add a new bitmap all over again, this much more work (I'm working with a lot of bitmaps in different sizes and states)

Edward Flink.

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Resource Items sorting
Now items on the left-hand side treeview can be sorted (via the context menu.)

Alpha channel
This behaviour have been modified. Now Resource Builder will preserve the original alpha channel.

Please update Resource Builder. (Click Update on the File menu.)

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