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The Invoice Template

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:01 am
by fuwafunghk
Hi Igor,

I know you are working hard to finish Regkeeper v2.0 . And when I tried to discover the function about invoice template, some tags that are supported in email template seems not support in invoice template, like ($Invoice) and ($SubTotal). Some of them are very useful in invoice template for users like me. And if the invoice can name itself automatically everytime it was saved will be great too! The invoice filename (*.rtf) can be invoice no. or order no. , just are chosen by us and it make itself automatically and send the invoice automatically to our customers. Regkeeper will get more closer to the goal of Regkeeper.

Best regards,
Fuwa Fung.

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:09 am
by isiticov
Hi Fuwa,

Both ($INVOICE) and ($SubTotal) processed in invoices but you must be sure that template RTF source includes them non-breakable. RTF Editor may sometimes divide words with style definition and as result the RTF source will include something like:
...loch\f1 ($}{\rtlch\fcs1 \ab\ai\af1\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b\i\fs24\insrsid15352876\charrsid16519965 \hich\af1\dbch\af14\loch\f1 OrderNumber)...
instead of:
...{\rtlch\fcs1 \ab\ai\af1\afs24 \ltrch\fcs0 \b\i\fs24\insrsid15352876\charrsid16519965 \hich\af1\dbch\af14\loch\f1 ($OrderNumber)...
But RegKeeper checks for the whole field names for the replacement.