Installed location

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Installed location

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Hi Igor Siticov,

As Regkeeper is used alike a CRM application to Shareware developers, those customer data is very important to developers. And if we installed regkeeper to default location -- C:\Program Files\Regkeeper\ . After many months later, the OS or PC is down, those custom data "may gone" in this situtation. So, I want to know, will Regkeeper "reset" the registry settings and retrive(recover) the custom data if I have installed Regkeeper in the different location after I reinstalled my OS and recall Regkeeper by windows explorer?

And my hosting company cancel the SSL authentication on their mail server, and I have tested the Regkeeper and it can handle the orders automatically now!

And may you tell me/us which database format will be supported in the new version of Regkeeper?

Best regards,
Fuwa Fung.
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RegKeeper can use any database file you specify. By default it uses database from Data sub-folder but you can specify another file and it will use it. If this is what you asked.

New version must support MS Access, MySQL and FireBird (Interbase).
Best regards,
Igor Siticov.