A simple question

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A simple question

Post by fuwafunghk »

I had read the chapter "The Goal of Regkeeper" in the help file of Regkeeper. And the first paragraph under "How does Regkeeper Achieve This ?" . I get the meaning like this : I need to "power on" my computer to retrieve the clients order 24 hours, 7 days a week if I want Regkeeper do its jobs automatically. Is it right ?
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If you need to process orders immediately upon coming then yes, you need to have RegKeeper running all the time. But if you wish to have your PC OFF on nights then RegKeeper will process all orders received when your PC was OFF after you turn it ON. So if you need to process order emails once they received you need RegKeeper running, if it is accetable to have small delays (like night) then you can turn your PC OFF for nights.
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