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June 15, 2005 for Immediate Release

SiComponents Releases TsiLang Components Suite 6.0

Simple localization solution for software developers.

It's virtually impossible to find popular software that would not be translated (localized) into multiple languages. In fact, even niche and second-tier developers localize their products to increase international sales. Unfortunately, the process of software localizations is both time consuming and very expensive. Luckily, developers who use Borland® Delphi™, C++Builder™, or Kylix™ platform can use TsiLang Components Suite to localize their software for worldwide distribution for a fraction of the usual costs.

This is how TsiLang works - a component is dropped onto the form, then the translation for user interface terms is entered and after that the active language can be changed on the fly. It's worthy of notice that TsiLang users have access to Global Public Translation Database (GPTD), which is a collection of common UI terms and phrases. So if software developer wants to know German term for Access Violation, he or she can look it up in GPTD, rather then pay hefty translation fees. TsiLang Components Suite supports all world languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and other oriental languages.

Importantly, TsiLang offers developers two choices for localization - internal (ideal for small-sized applications) and external (perfect, if one wants to have stand alone translation files and libraries).

TsiLang Components Suite was originally developed in 1998. Since, it was improved multiple times, which did not go unnoticed. In 2002 and 2003 the software got Runner-up Best Globalization Tool award from the Delphi Informant Magazine. In year 2004, the product received Best Globalization Tool 2004 award.

The list of SiComponents clients includes such industry giants as Sony, Siemens, Bayer and SBF Bourse de Paris. But the TsiLang developers are particularly proud that small software companies like TiltSoft (a maker of volcano monitoring software) use this components suite to make their software available worldwide.

TsiLang Components Suite is distributed electronically over the Internet; free demo version is available at for evaluation.

Payments and licensing details for TsiLang Components Suite are available at

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